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SKU: 2703702

GW 80V 8" Edger (Tool Only)




  • Motor
  • No Load Speed
    7100 RPM
  • Blade Length
  • Warranty
    4-Year Warranty


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do your edgers do angle cuts?
  • Our edgers can only cut vertically, straight up and down. The front wheel can be adjusted to allow a deeper or shallower cut, and to increase the life of the blade. The edger blade can be adjusted to depths that allow for either lawn edging or for trenching.

  • Can I use my string trimmer to edge?
  • All string trimmers can be used to edge. Adjust your grip so the head is tilted by 90 degrees and the string now spins along the vertical axis. The unit will now function as an edger.

  • Can I use my edger to cut grass/weeds?
  • No, if this unit is listed as an edger unit it cannot be used to trim grass/weeds. You would need to look at our string trimmer units for this function.

  • Can I use this edger on both pavement and grass?
  • Yes, the wheels are adjustable, and you can use it to edge grass around pavemented areas and grassed areas.

  • Do I need to push this unit?
  • Yes, our edgers are not self-propelled. The edgers are stand behind push units.

  • Which way does the blade rotate?
  • The edgers blade strike downwards in a clockwise direction.

  • How deep does your unit go?
  • The maximum depth for our 8-inch edgers is up to 4-inches depending on the curb height.

  • Could I use a larger blade for greater depth?
  • Due to the design of the guard, a larger blade cannot be accommodated.

  • Can this edger use other attachments?
  • Currently, none of our designated edgers are attachment capable.

  • What is the purpose of an edger?
  • Edgers are used to trim and cut around the edge of driveways, sidewalks, flower beds and other similar areas.

GW 80V 8" Edger (Tool Only)

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