Choose the Right Snow Blower For Your Home

If you are from Canada, you know that winter weather can be unpredictable, so it's important to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature sends your way. If you're in the market to purchase a new snow blower, the number of options available can be overwhelming. But don't worry - we're here to help you choose the best snow blower for your climate and lifestyle.

If you're new to the world of battery-powered snow blowers, you're in for a treat. Say goodbye to the days of mixing gas and oil to start a gas snow blower – not to mention the hassle of being stocked with expensive gas ahead of winter weather, wrestling with tricky pull-cord starts and smelling like a gas station once you’ve finally cleared the driveway.

With your new electric snow blower, you can simply load your fully charged battery, push start and begin clearing your driveway in seconds. Whether you’re looking for a maximum-power snow beast or a compact snow thrower for smaller spaces, we’ve got the perfect snow blower for everyone. Browse through our complete snow blower buyer’s guide below to help you find the perfect one for your driveway!

Heavy Snow: Two-Stage Snow Blowers with Maximum Performance

Winter Warriors unite! There are some of us who are longing for blizzard-like conditions in the middle of summer. As a snow lover – or someone who gets intense satisfaction from snow clearing – you’re likely looking for the biggest and best snow equipment to do the job.

A 2-stage snow blower will chop through ice, snow, and anything else a winter storm tosses your way. (Want to learn more about single versus 2-stage snow blowers? Check out our comparison guide.) If you’re looking for maximum snow power to tackle heavy snowstorms, significant snow accumulation and end-of-the-driveway snow mounds, we recommend this workhorse of battery-powered snow removal. 

two-stage-snow blower image

With three batteries, and a dual-port charger, you’ll be cutting through the deepest snow drifts with lasting power and plenty of runtime with the Greenworks two-stage snow blowers.

Available on both the 60V and 80V platforms, these snow blowers have a rotating 200-degree discharge and shoot snow up to 50 feet for maximum clearing.

With this snow beast, you can tackle extra-large driveways, sidewalks, and the entire neighborhood with up to 18” of snow in one pass. And with the self-propelled zero-turn system (ZTS), you can seamlessly cut through the snow with maximum maneuverability, control, and stronger output power.

60v two-stage snow-thrower

Steady Snowfalls: The Rugged Single-Stage Snow Blowers

Just because the snow is falling, doesn’t mean your schedule comes to a standstill. You need to have a clear driveway to zip in and out to school, work, practices and more and these mighty blowers can knock out any snow or ice that Mother Nature hurls your way. Living somewhere with consistent snowfall can be beautiful – but it also requires maintenance. A Greenworks single-stage snow thrower is your efficient snow-busting partner.

Whether you’re hunkering down for a winter of snowstorms or simply want the biggest single-stage battery-powered snow thrower for your winter weather arsenal, upgrade to effortless power with a single-stage snow thrower.


Plenty of power plus maximum runtime means you’ll be able to clear your driveway – and your neighbor's driveway too! – quickly and efficiently. Add in a 4.0Ah battery and charger – plus a 180-degree rotating chute, 30-foot snow discharge and 22-inch deck width with easy fold-down storage – and this mighty snow blower will be the envy of your neighborhood.


If you're on the 80V platform, the Greenworks 80V 22" snow blower is an excellent snow-removal companion. With plenty of power to clear driveways, sidewalks and more, this snow blower is a smart and savvy choice for winter warriors on the 80V line. Added perk: use your existing 80V batteries to double your runtime during a big snowstorm.


Snow Flurries: The Effective Single-Stage Snow Throwers

Some days you just can’t stay tucked inside, you’ll need a trusty snow blower to finish the job quickly and efficiently. Instead of battling the frigid temperatures with the hassle of a gas-oil mix and complicated startup, simply pop in your charged battery and push start. Voila! Instant snow removal power at your fingertips.


For lighter snowfalls, smaller areas to clear and want to save space, this workhorse is the perfect snow removal tool. 

The Greenworks 40V 20" Single-Stage Snow Blower is lightweight (under 30 pounds!) and with a 20-foot discharge, 20-inch clearing deck and 8-inch clearing height, it's the ideal snow blower for light to medium snowfalls.


Chiropractor Approved Secret Weapon: The Powerful Snow Shovel

That’s right! A winter of shoveling without an aching back and frozen hands is possible!

If you need a versatile jack-of-all-trades tool to help you tackle unpredictable winter weather, the Greenworks snow shovel is a perfect fit. Clear small driveways, decks, walkways, and porches quickly – plus it’s easy to maneuver up the stairs (and sure beats lugging a heavy snow blower to your back deck!). Whether you're on the 40V60V or 80V platform – Greenworks has a 12" snow shovel for you! 


Greenworks Helps You Tackle Snow this Winter

No matter the amount of cold or this winter, you can rest assured that Greenworks is in your corner. You no longer need to run out to the gas station as soon as you hear a blizzard is on the way to ensure you have enough snow blower fuel to get through the storm. Also, our Greenworks battery-powered snow blowers are lighter than gas products that might have previously taken up space in your garage – making it simple and efficient to pop in the batteries and quickly clear off your driveway.

Pro-tip: keep your Greenworks leaf blower handy when packing up your fall tools – it's perfect for blowing light snow off of decks, porches and sidewalks. With the Greenworks snow removal arsenal, you’re ready for any type of winter weather that Mother Nature throws your way!

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