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Keep Warm with this Canadian Candle!

Greenworks Blog Team |

Did you know that a Canadian Candle - or more commonly known as a Swedish Fire Log - is one of camping's most efficient fire hacks?

Since this ancient technique only requires one log, and can be used in wet or dry environments, many campers, armies and just outdoor enthusiasts have adopted this as a go to method. This log allows for an easy stovetop surface, easy lighting, raised campfire, and something fun to watch on a cold eve outdoors. 

Here is a simple how-to breakdown to show you how you can make one yourself!

Materials Needed:

  1. A log
  2. A chainsaw (a splitter, hatchet and axe also work)
  3. Work gloves
  4. Kindling
  5. Lighter

Step 1: Select your wood and cut to size

Step 2: Cut slits into the log. Be sure to only cut down halfway.

With the log standing on its end, use a chainsaw to cut slits into the wood.

Depending on the width of the log, this can be done in either quarters or sixths.

By leaving a few inches at the bottom, the log remains a single unit so it is easier to transport and maintains its structure while burning.

Step 3: Gather kindling and tinder. Insert into the centre and make sure not to overstuff or push out the sides. A nice small bunch is all you need. Place a small pile on top. 

Step 4: Light and enjoy!

Have you done anything like this before? Send it to us and let's show it off!