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SKU : 1408402

Scie à perche sans balais 80 V, 10 po, batterie 2,0 Ah et chargeur inclus





  • BARRE ET CHAÎNE 10'' : Haute performance pour une coupe rapide Chaîne ¼'' et jusqu'à 83 coupes par charge
  • TECHNOLOGIE MOTEUR SANS BALAIS : 2X plus de couple. Fournit plus de puissance, une durée de fonctionnement plus longue, un fonctionnement silencieux et une durée de vie prolongée du moteur
  • HUILEUR AUTOMATIQUE : Fournit une lubrification appropriée de la chaîne et une productivité accrue
  • TENSION DE CHAÎNE FACILE À RÉGLER : Pour un entretien facile du guide-chaîne et de la chaîne
  • FACILE À UTILISER : Démarrage par bouton-poussoir, pas de gaz ni de fumées, pas de carburateur, pas de bougie d'allumage et pas de corde de démarrage


  • Longueur de l'article
    108,27 pouces
  • Largeur de l'article
    4,65 pouces
  • Hauteur de l'article
    8,03 pouces
  • Poids
    8,6 livres
  • Dimensions de l'emballage
    45,87" x 10,04" x 5,51"
  • Poids du colis
    20,28 lb



Questions fréquemment posées

  • What is a pole saw?
  • Pole saws are basically stretched chainsaws with the controls and the motor head separated by a long pole. They tend to have shorter bars and chains than full size chainsaws and are primarily used for pruning and light lopping. Users should take basic, common safety precautions and follow proper operating procedure when using the units to avoid injury.

  • How should I hold my pole saw?
  • For best balance when using a pole saw do not overreach. Always keep proper footing and balance. Practicing proper footing and balance ensures that you will have proper control of the tool in unexpected situations. Always hold the unit firmly with both hands; keep your left hand on the pole shaft and your right hand on the rear handle, so your body is to the left of the chain line. Never use a left-handed (cross-handed) grip, or any stance that places your body or arm across the chain line. Ensure that you maintain a proper grip on the unit whenever the motor is running. For further details, refer to your owner’s manual.

  • What safety precautions should be taken?
  • Only use pole saws for their intended purpose. Pole saws are great for pruning and trimming of hard-to-reach branches. Think about where the branch being cut may fall. As this is sometimes unpredictable, do not stand under the branch being cut. Try to keep the tree between yourself and the branch being trimmed (as a kind of shield from falling debris). Keep bystanders at least 50’ from the tree being worked-on. Always take your time. When removing long, heavy branches cut in stages, cutting off small sections to reduce the impact of any falling debris. Start with lower branches so debris can fall more easily and not get stuck, causing a future hazard.

  • How thick of a branch can I cut?
  • Pole saws are typically used on branches less than 6” in diameter.

  • Can the pole saw be used for hedges?
  • The pole saw would be capable of trimming hedges; however, a pole hedger would be more appropriate for the job and leave a cleaner look.

  • Can you remove the poles and use this as a chainsaw?
  • No. This unit cannot be converted to a chainsaw. However, some models allow you the ability to remove the middle extension pole to shorten the unit by a few feet.

  • Can I use my pole saw to trim items lower to the ground?
  • The pole saw is designed for high level hard to reach branches. It is not ergonomically suited for low cutting and extreme caution should be taken.

Scie à perche sans balais 80 V, 10 po, batterie 2,0 Ah et chargeur inclus

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