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SKU : 2018002

Tronçonneuse à batterie sans fil 48 V (2 x 24 V) 16", (2) batteries USB 4,0 Ah et chargeur double port inclus


Principales caractéristiques

  • Translucent Oil Tank - Clear view of oil level.
  • Moteur sans balais : Moteur sans balais très efficace offre un couple accru, un fonctionnement silencieux et une durée de vie plus longue.
  • Electronic Chain Brake - Added protection.



Compatible With :


2x24 V - Deux batteries 24 V combinées pour 48 volts de puissance pure*

  • Comprend deux batteries de 4,0 Ah et un chargeur
  • Jusqu'à 150 coupes sur du bois 4x4 avec les piles incluses
  • La batterie 24 V incluse alimente plus de 125 outils Greenworks 24 V.
  • *nécessite deux piles 24 V pour fonctionner


  • tension
  • huileur automatique 
  • longueur de la barre
    16 pouces
  • capacité de la batterie 1 
    4,0 Ah
  • capacité de la batterie 2 
    4,0 Ah
  • composition chimique de la batterie 
  • Garantie batterie
    3 ans
  • moteur sans balais
  • frein de chaîne
  • jauge de chaîne 
    0,043 pouce
  • longueur de la chaîne
    16 pouces
  • pas de chaîne
    3/8 pouces
  • liens de lecteur 
  • tension de chaîne
  • capacité de coupe
    jusqu'à 30 pouces
  • est le réservoir d'huile 
  • alimentation 
    sans fil
  • type de démarrage 
     bouton poussoir
  • arbre télé
  • garantie de l'outil
    3 ans


Questions fréquemment posées

  • What oil do I use with my chainsaw?
  • Our units use a standard bar and chain oil. You can purchase this from your local hardware store; no specific brand name is required

  • Why is my chainsaw leaking oil?
  • All chainsaws will slowly “leak” oil in storage (mostly from it seeping off the chain). To prevent excessive leakage, store with as little oil left in the reservoir as possible, lay the chainsaw flat with a rag beneath it and the pole saw upright with the motor head at the top. During first use, operators should only fill the reservoir to roughly half full and check periodically to see if it needs to be refilled. Eventually, you will become accustomed to the amount of oil required for each job. This procedure will make it easier to store the unit as oil free as possible and reduce oil run off.

  • How large of a branch/log can I cut?
  • If you are looking to cut logs with one pass, the log needs to be about 2" smaller than the bar. However, there are many techniques to use a chainsaw for larger cuts.

  • What is the run time?
  • The run time of a chainsaw is measured in cuts per charge. The number of cuts per charge or “run time” that you receive would depend on the load acting on the saw (i.e., the thickness and type of wood being cut) as the chainsaw would use more battery power on tougher and thick objects being cut.

  • How do I know if my chain is tensioned enough?
  • Chains should be tensioned before use. Check intermittently throughout each chore to make sure the chain is kept properly tensioned. A correctly tensioned chain should only pull away from the bar enough to fit a dime between the teeth and the bar. ***DO NOT TENSION A CHAIN AFTER YOU HAVE FINSHED USING THE TOOL. HOT METAL EXPANDS. IF THE CHAIN NEEDS TENSIONED WHEN HOT, THEN ALLOW TO COOL, THE CONTRACTING METAL COULD POTENTIALLY DAMAGE THE CHAIN, THE BAR AND EVEN THE UNIT. WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT USE (OR AT LEAST UNTIL COOLED) BEFORE TENSIONING***

  • Can I use another brand of chain?
  • Yes, however, it must match the specifications of the original chain (gauge, pitch, and drive links). These specifications my be found inside of your owner’s manual.

  • What file size do I use to sharpen the chain?
  • Our chains may be sharpened using a 5/32” round file.

  • Why isn’t my chain cutting?
  • If the wood is burning/smoking, this indicates that the chain is on backwards. Another reason could be that the chain is dull and needs to be sharpened or replaced. Replace the chain if: • The length of the cutting edges is less than 5 mm. • There is too much space between the drive links and the rivets. • The cut speed is slow • Sharpening the chain many times but it does not increase the cutting speed.

  • Why does my chain keep falling off?
  • Chainsaw chains can come off due to multiple reasons such as worn-down bars, worn-down sprockets, and wrongly set chain tension. Please check the chain tension and condition of all parts prior to using. If anything is worn or damaged, replace parts before using again. Replace the bar if: • the groove is not fit with the height of the drive links (which must never touch the bottom). • the inside of the guide bar is worn and make the chain lean to one side.

Tronçonneuse à batterie sans fil 48 V (2 x 24 V) 16", (2) batteries USB 4,0 Ah et chargeur double port inclus


2x24 V - Deux batteries 24 V combinées pour 48 volts de puissance pure*

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